R R Dasgupta at Torino

I am a CTO, Consultant and Coach. Ex Microsoft | Ex IBM

1. Help enterprises translate digital intent to digital products and services which address customer experience, operational excellence, people empowerment and technology adoption.
2. Articulate and execute strategic and operational practices aligned to Enterprise Goals.
3. Lead teams to transform productivity and innovation across the organization

I have extensive experiences collaborating with leaders in several industries like education, automotive, agriculture, banking, defence, IT/ITES, manufacturing, public sector, retail, services, and transportation. My experiences span 3 decades.
1. Cultivate and sustain, mutually beneficial, C-level alliances across public sector and other industries.
2. Enable Strategic Planning & Execution to realize “real” and “sustainable” business outcomes.
3. Translate Cloud, AI, Machine Learning, and their application possibilities leveraging voice, text, speech, touch, and gestures that can coexist between “digital” and “physical” worlds.
4. Accelerate Technology choices and their adoption including Tech Platforms, relevant partners, and learning.
5. Coach Teams and Individuals to be best version of themselves – Productivity | Collaboration | Innovation

As a CTO
1. Translate “digital intent” (business) to “digital products’ and ‘services’ (technology)
2. Set up Technology Advisory Boards to accelerate innovation and adoption
3. Select Platform and Solution Provider and onboarding
4. Enable CTO Office – Structure, governance & success criteria

1. Articulate Strategy Execution Roadmaps- Linking Vision and Aspirations to | Markets Trends | Competition | Customers | Partners | Capabilities
2. Enable Transformation Office – Structure Governance and success metrics

1. Coach for Results – Bring together cross functional teams (CFTs) to align with individual and enterprise aspirations
2. Set up thematic innovation practices – hackathons, team collaboration and innovation powered by technology
3. Track and Progress Outcomes – institutionalize focus on Results

I would be happy to engage with you and understand your specific requirements.

I can be reached at rrdasgupta@alliancellp.com

My phone numbers are
+91 98504 22786 (Call or Text) and
+91 98504 22786 (Call or WhatsApp).

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn